Class Schedule

Weekly at Dance Studio at 44 Fifth St. Cambridge,MA

Sign up for first trial Free class via email to

Available for private lessons every week day from 6-7pm and before 6pm as well. Available for bookings in kizomba, zouk, bachata, samba forro, salsa, wedding dance – please contact to schedule your lesson


New Beginner and Intermediate Zouk starts July 9 at 7pm beginner and at 8pm intermediate 8 week sessions. Sign up in advance and save $15! Only $85 for 8 week session.

9-10pm New Intensive Kizomba 8 week course starts July 9th, more info here

Kizomba Summer Intensive course designed by Sara Lopez
Every Monday, Jul 9 – Aug 27 · EDT. JUL 9. Mon 9:00 PM

Class Type
Beginner or Intermediate?

7-8pm book private lesson by email to

8-9pm Bachata ladies styling team starts July 10

9-11pm Bachata Team rehearsals start July 10. If you want to audition for bachata team, please email


7-8pm Kizomba Open Level

8-9pm Sensual Bachata Open level

9-12am Kiz Me Wednesdays Social Dance Party

$85 in advance for 8 weeks

Class Type
Beginner or Intermediate?

7-8pm book private lesson by email

8-9pm Forro open level

9-11pm – Sensual Bachata 4 week intensive course starts July 12th, more info here

Sensual Bachata Training certified by Korke & Judith #2
Every Thursday, Jul 12 – Aug 2 · EDT. JUL 12. Thu 9:00 PM


Class Type
Beginner or Intermediate?


Work/Free Class Exchange Opportunities

Looking for ladies with some past dance experience to help out follow in classes (we have a lot of leaders) on Mondays at 7pm, Tuesday nights from 7pm-8p, Wednesdays 7pm and Thursdays 8-9 pm in exchange for Free entrance to parties, events and workshops. Contact


New class sessions start Monday August 28th! Sign up in advance and save $$!