WANT TO JOIN A DANCE  PERFORMANCE TEAM? If you are an advanced dancer and looking for challenge we currently auditioning for Kizomba, Bachata and Samba Carnival Ladies team! Prior Dance Experience is required.

Auditions for new teams start June 2018!

New dance teams

New dance teams

D&d ladies bachata team

Ladies bachata Team

D&d Bachata couples team

D&d Bachata couples teamTuesdays 9-10:30pm Tuesday July 11

Isabelle and Felicien Kizomba couples team

Isabelle and Felicien Kizomba couples team – Monday, December 11 at 9 PM – 10 PM EST


Kizomba Team Info

Kizomba Team Info

Moves &Vibes is first ever USA Dance Company to partner with world famous Kizomba dancers Isabelle and Felicien from France, we are first ever I&F Kizomba Team in USA! To audition to be on the team please Email inna@movesandvibes.com for more info.isabelle-and-Felicien-644x238

Bachata Performance Team Info

Bachata Performance Team Info

Moves & Vibes Dance Co has exclusive partnership with Bachata World Champions Daniel and Desiree from Spain! Join next season of D&D World Team Project starting January 2017, email inna@movesandvibes.com for more info!


Samba Carnival Team

We are looking for more Sambra Carnival Dancers to join our team! Dance experience required.