Weekly at Dance Studio at 44 Fifth St. Cambridge,MA

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Available for private lessons every week day from 6-7pm and before 6pm as well. Available for bookings in kizomba, zouk, bachata, samba forro, salsa, wedding dance – please contact to schedule your lesson

3-6:30pm – Book private lesson in bachata, zouk, kizomba, samba, salsa, forro – email

6:30-7:30pm – New Beginner partner Brazilian zouk series start April 5, $75 for 5 week session per 1 hour class, Venmo @inna-grant to sign up

7:30-8:30pm – Bachata Ladies Styling Team $75 per month, new season Start February 2021

8:30-9:30pm – Level 2 Zouk partner class in person, $75 per month, new session start April, 2021, 2 spots available, bring your own partner or  for assigned partner  email for more info

Class Type

4-9:30pm – Book private lesson, email

3-7pm – Book private lesson, email

7-8pm – New sensual bachata partner class $75 per month, assigned partner only or bring your own partner, email for more info

8-9:30pm – Bachata intermediate coed team rehearsals in person, new season start February 2021, if you interested in auditions email

3-7:30pm – Book book private lesson, email

7:30pm – NEW in person Beginner Kizomba classes, bring your own partner or email for assigned partner.

$20 drop in or 5 class card $75. New 5 week session starts in April

8:30pm – Intermediate Kizomba classes, bring your own partner or email for assigned partner.

$20 drop in or 5 class card $75. New 5 week session starts in April

12:30-3pm – book private lesson

3-4pm – New Beginer Brazilian Zouk 5 week session starts April 10th. $75 for 5 weeks. Email to register

12:30-4pm – book private lesson

7-8pm EST – New open level fun Bachata classes with Francois, $20 in person class, $10 on zoom Venmo @inna-grant to sign up and we email you zoom link

In person classes at studio/ with option to join on zoom as well. 7-8pm – Beginner lady styling team with Ysasha, $75 per month, venmo @inna-grant 8-9pm – New Desiree Ladies Styling Team starts September 14th, $75 per month, Join FREE auditions on Monday August 31st at 8pm or email! For more info click here: 9-10pmZouk lady styling choreo Challenge with Inna, $75 per month
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Beginner or Intermediate?

7-8pm New open level lady styling clsases with Ysasha in person at studio start September 15th . Pre registration required. Min 5 students. $60 per month . Venmo @inna-grant

Free Lady styling dance open house August 29th

Dance event in Cambridge, MA by Moves & Vibes Dance and Entertainment Co on Saturday, August 29 2020

8-9pm EST – New Ladies styling Bachata Choreo challenge with Liz on Zoom only, $60 per month, starts September 8th
More info here
Venmo @inna-grant to sign up

7:30-8:30pm  – Unisex Bachata Choreo Challenge with Francois in person in studio and on zoom $80 per month

8:30-10pm – Bachata coed team rehearsals at studio $100 per month

Class Type
Beginner or Intermediate?

8pm – Bachata footwork open level class with Francois in person and on zoom. Pre registration required. $60 per month or $20 drop in person, $10 drop in on zoom

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