I need everyone to pay attention to the details please……

The party on Saturday June 25th at 6pm is located at The W Hotel on 100 Stuart Street Boston, MA   We will be hanging out at the restaurant/bar portion called The W Galleria.  Things about the Party

-Show up at 6pm sharp and will go officially until 8 ( The Bar is open until 130am and if people want to stay they will allow it)


-There is no cover

The dress code is summer casual, men are not allowed to wear shorts.  Think linen or Seersucker pants.

-Tito’s Vodka will be there with some samples.

-Bring Cash!  For the raffle tickets, the new Team Back Bay Games Tshirt and adult beverages

-8 Top Level Crossfit Athletes will be there to hang out, take pictures, sign autographs, and say Thank you, including Alec Smith, Cody Mooney, and of course all 6 Team Back Bay Athletes.

-Any specific emails about the party email [email protected]


Here’s The deal with the raffle.  We are extending the raffle until July 10th midnight.

-Winner announced Monday July 11th

-Tickets are available at 209 Columbus Ave and can be purchased by donation ($50 a ticket) and then email [email protected] or cash at the party

-Click on TeamBackBay to get to think page

-If there is some unique situation where you need shirts or tickets and you can not be present please email [email protected]


And now what Going to the Games means for athlete on Team Back Bay Owen Bernstein….


“Going to the CrossFit Games is legitimately the “Superbowl” of CrossFit and having the opportunity at only 20 years old to participate in the “Superbowl “ of CrossFit leaves me very very humbled and excited to be part of such an amazing opportunity . When I started CrossFit in 2012 in a small 500 sq foot building that consisted of hardwood floors and limited equipment , it was my dream and a life goal of mine to make it as far as I have today . Never did I believe that such a feat would come so quickly .
As a younger Athlete I was involved in Baseball and Soccer , after sophomore year of Soccer I committed myself to just doing CrossFit . I was never a “great “ ball player and never a “great” soccer player . One thing was that I always wanted was to be better . I could not even squat below parallel when I began CrossFit in 2012. However that didn’t stop me from getting there or getting my first muscle up or my first Handstand Push-up . Going to the CrossFit games is almost like a seal of approval that much of the “small” things we do each day to improve our FITNESS actually does pay off, and there is no greater satisfaction than going to the CrossFit Games and being given the opportunity to represent Back Bay , Massachusetts, the Northeast ,and the Coaches who have put in endless amounts of time into making us successful.
Have you ever had an idea, or a goal in mind, and someone chuckles at you? There’s nothing more that fires me up than when someone laughs at me or tells me something is impossible .The road to the games and what it means to be part of such great group of individuals is truly a dream come true at the age of 20 . I’ve always known I wanted to go to the games since my first open , I always have had a passion to be better, stronger , faster , more adaptable . I never wanted to be the  slowest guy in the gym or the weakest and to this day I strive to be as well rounded as possible . That being said , these characteristics of an athlete take time , and bringing focus to every day and remembering that every day makes you better is something that I live by .

It’s every kid’s dream to be an NFL quarterback , an all star in the NBA , a Gronkowski or a Lebron James , well my dream was to be an athlete at the CrossFit Games . A sense of accomplishment, a sense of passion , and a great sense of satisfaction . Its as real as real gets and being able to share this experience with 5 other incredible Teammates will be one for the books. 3..2..1.. Lets Bring it Home Gang!!!!!”

-Bern Kelly Prince




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